The bomber jacket stands as one of the trends of recent years. Of obvious military use, its history goes back almost 100 years, during the First War World. Made in leather, it was carried by the pilots of the aircraft to maintain the heat, not being equipped with closed cabins. These were called Bomber jacket, since it was the bombers' pilots who used them first when flying at high altitude. In the 1960s and 1970s, Hollywood adopted the bomber jacket completely and called it an "It" garment.

It was from the 70s when they begin to incorporate the casual clothing of the working class, emerging one of the most controversial skinhead subcultures, becoming an essential garment along with his Doctor Martens boots and his washed-out jeans.

Currently, it is the protagonist of different looks in its thousands of combinations, textures and possible shapes. Present in various parades from Pret á porter, Fast Fashion chains to some haute couture collections.

In order to satisfy this need of the market, if there is a brand specialized in bomber (existence of which I have no record), Baal Bomber was born appealing to the difference, offering a product characterized by the richness, sumptuousness and exclusivity of the fabrics that the they conform, of oriental character, fusing the western forms with the oriental decorativism.



Baal, is the name of one of the most important deities of antiquity. Omnipotent God of storms, fire and fertility was worshiped by the various peoples located in Asia Minor as Babylonians, Carthaginians, Israelites or Sidonians among many others. The name is a clear parallel with the brand that invokes the difference, offering a wide variety of bombers made with oriental fabrics from regions that in ancient times worshiped the god, linking tradition and modernity.

It was during a job in the race, in which I presented a collection about India, when I felt attracted by the oriental fabrics, I had the possibility of accessing them and I valued their quality, their precious embroideries and their baroque style. Therefore, given its unique and inaccessible character, I thought of incorporating these to my favorite garment, the bomber jacket, to give it a more elegant, sophisticated and differentiated look, as well as to redefine the urban concept of it, being able to adapt to different occasions, offering a product until then, nonexistent in the market.


About us

Baal Bomber is the dream of two entrepreneurs with a passion for fashion and fruit of work, tenacity and perseverance. Its star garment is the bomber jackets made with oriental fabrics characterized by their extreme baroque, high quality, embroidery and precious stones. We offer therefore an exclusive product of limited units, made in an artisanal way. The collections of bombers maintain oriental airs, they intend to launch themselves to the market under quality and exclusivity standards, aimed at dressing a female woman, with a taste for fashion and for differentiating by wearing exclusive and unique garments.



Ostentatiousness and Baroqueism: It relies on the extreme baroque of the garments, which paint an elegant woman, with a taste for differentiation. In addition, the choice of materials that make up the jackets stands out for its filigree, embroidery and stone inlays, since it is oriental fabrics, where these techniques take the real protagonism.

This is, therefore, to put into practice the decorativism of oriental fabrics linking them with Western forms, as is the case of the bomber jacket.

Exclusivity and luxury: These are bomber jackets made in limited units (maximum 10 jackets of each model), something that is implicit in the price, since they are very special and different fabrics.

Within the collection there are two ranges of exclusivity

- maximum 10 bombers of each model

- maximum 2 bomber of some models, included within the limited edition that will consist of 2 units per model, one for each size (XS-S and M-L)

Quality and Craftsmanship: Well, the jackets are made with the best materials and in an artisanal way (obviating the production in series). They are therefore impeccably topped, taking care of every detail, every seam of them, linking design with craftsmanship.


What do we offer as a company?

- Quality: since the fabrics are made with high quality fabrics and their confection is handmade.

- Differentiated aesthetics: because the tissues that we use are oriental and are inaccessible and little seen in our country.

- Design: behind all the garments is a meticulous work of design, choice of materials and textures and shapes.

- Specialization in bomber jackets: need that we believe, is not covered, as there is no signature in the sector.